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Does Demi Lovato Smoke Weed?

Demi Lovato is one of Disney’s biggest success stories. She kicked off her career by acting and singing along with the Jonas Brothers. Afterwards she focused on her music career, […]

$100 OG Marijuana Strain

Marijuana enthusiasts who like well-balanced Hybrids, will love $100 OG. However, “well-balanced” does not mean weak. This OG Kush offspring boasts one powerful high. Experience with cannabis is recommended. $100 […]

303 OG Marijuana Strain

303 OG Experience When you’re in need of an afternoon pick-me-up, this Chemdawg offspring is your gal. This fragrant flower induces sensations of happiness above all else, perhaps transforming even […]

24K Gold Marijuana Strain

Featuring up to 24 percent THC and tantalizing consumers with a bright citrus scent, the 24K Gold strain is an impressive flower. Perfect for sharing with canna-savvy friends, this plant […]

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Buy Sativa Strains Online

Cannabis sativa. The type of cannabis that is famous for getting you properly high, the cannabis that produces mentally stimulating effects and gets you ready for a creative endeavor. Cannabis […]