On Football: Packers, Browns, Patriots not so real

AP Aaron Rodgers throwing two picks in three passes. New England making errors of commission and omission on the field and on the sideline. The Browns getting annihilated in Pittsburgh. […]

Walmart change management case study

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Apple Mouth

These creepy looking ‘Apple Mouths’ are bound to make your halloween party have some extra bite! 12 x Apple wedges 2 x tablespoon Canna-oil 4 x tablespoons of Peanut butter […]

Avocado Toast

This recipe begs for a ripe, beautiful avocado. Pick one that yields to gentle pressure. Avocado browns easily when cut, so drizzle it with lemon juice after peeling to keep […]

Avocado-Hemp Salad

A simple and nutritious staple, the Avocado-Hemp Salad is simple, nutritious, and delicious – this protein-rich salad is exactly what raw food should be! 2-3 cups shredded organic lettuce 1 […]

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Why CBD:THC Ratios Matter?

Jump To Section We’ve all seen the rise in the popularity of cannabis products in the last few years. Brands are continually developing new cannabis and cannabis-infused products to add […]

What sort of effects should I expect from CBD?

If you are reading this article, it is more than likely that you have heard of and are curious about cannabidiol (CBD). You are not alone. Many people have started […]

Which is the best CBD oil for me?

If you are interested in trying cannabidiol (CBD) oil, you have probably already run into the terms used to describe the oils. Specifically, you have probably seen the terms full […]