10 Tips For Healthier Skin

7. Eat Right
Try not to skip meals since it can increase skin dehydration and therefore create wrinkles.

Eat foods high in vitamins A B C D & E – all are beneficial to your skin’s health and longevity.

Too much salt can rob you of moisture, leaving skin looking dull and dry.
Moderate your salting of foods. Make sure to read labels of pre-made foods and keep an eye on the daily recommended values.

Great table salt alternatives are Himalayan pink salt or sea salt because they contain high levels of minerals, which are essential for cellular health.

Too much refined sugar can actually breakdown the collagen in your skin, which prevents sagging – so go for the sweet fruits instead of candy when you can. In addition, high blood sugar levels can increase swelling at the cellular level, which can attribute to many outlying symptoms.

Eating several smaller meals throughout the day can help keep glucose levels stable. Basically, an easy way to prevent extra stress on the body.

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