Baltimore Ravens fantasy outlook for 2020 | Yahoo Fantasy Football Podcast

Baltimore Ravens fantasy outlook for 2020 | Yahoo Fantasy Football Podcast

Yahoo Sports fantasy expert Dalton Del Don and Rotowire’s Jerry Donabedian break down what you can expect from the Baltimore Ravens in fantasy this season.

Video Transcript

DALTON DEL DON: I have a Baltimore guy. Want to talk Ravens, who I wish had made the Super Bowl last year in hindsight. Maybe this year we can see it, our two teams.

Just a few names I want to run by real quick. JK Dobbins. I’ve been a rookie guy. I’ve just been willing to take them higher than most. It’ll probably be to my detriment in this shortened offseason.

But am I crazy for taking Dobbins over the flat tires David Johnsons, Leonard Fournettes, Todd Gurleys? And I’m doing that without hesitation.

JERRY DONABEDIAN: I’ve been targeting the Ravens passing game. I’m just worried that– well, Lamar Jackson both for his passing game and running game I’ve been drafting him. I’m just worried that there’s just so many mouths to feed. And I think the Ravens running backs last year, they put up– if you look at the cumulative production, it was good, but it wasn’t top three in the league.

So yeah, I worry that we’re gonna be looking at each of them getting like 180 carries and 20 targets. I guess you can say if they’re putting up five yards per carry and the Ravens are living in the red zone the way they did last year, but I don’t see much ceiling without one of the two getting injured. And then I think even if one of the two does get injured, then you’re gonna see Gus Edwards getting eight carries a game. So I just think it’s gonna be too spread out of a thing. Like I think D’Andre Swift gives more upside actually than JK Dobbins.

DALTON DEL DON: I actually have Swift higher. I agree with that. But man, I also think Dobbins is a threat to lead the NFL in yards per carry immediately in that system with those fresh legs.

The main guy I actually want to talk about the Ravens is Hollywood. Could have used him in the headlines here because he made the headlines for bulking up to 180. I have him at wide receiver 16. Look what he was doing the first three, four weeks last year. They were targeting him and targeting him deep quite a bit when he was relatively healthy last year.

Playing on one leg, 150 pounds. Now he’s healthy, looking like a beast, fast. You’d think, yes, the touchdown percentage is gonna regress for Lamar Jackson. But man, isn’t it nice being a deep threat with that play-action with defenses trying to stop that opposing rush?

JERRY DONABEDIAN: Yeah. I mean, when you look at, yeah, the target share and the team share of air yards that he had, I mean, he really was put in as– it was him and Andrews and not much else. I mean, maybe Miles Boykin or Devin Duvernay gets a little more involved this year. But yeah, everyone from Ravens beat writers to John Harbaugh to Lamar Jackson has just been pushing the Hollywood hype button hard all summer.


JERRY DONABEDIAN: I mean, I’m in on it. Yeah, I think he looked really good last year for someone who wasn’t able to practice because he was coming back from major foot surgery. He wasn’t even ready for the start of training camp. He was regularly missing Wednesday and Thursday practice. He revealed now that he was down to 157 pounds by the end of of the year.


JERRY DONABEDIAN: But yeah, I think part of the concern with him was how small he was. And now that he’s up to a DeSean Jackson size, he’s the number one receiver. Obviously a super talented guy.

I don’t have him quite as aggressive as wide receiver 16, but a lot of times he’s available in the sixth, seventh round of fantasy drafts. Like in the same range as Michael Gallup, another guy I love. And yeah, I’ve definitely been getting in on that.

DALTON DEL DON: So if I’m wrong about Hollywood– injury prone, he goes down, too small– the deep threat would be Boykin, right? Why is he not more interesting? it looks like he’s free at draft tables right now.

JERRY DONABEDIAN: Watching the Ravens last season, he’s big and he’s fast, but he didn’t seem to get any separation on routes. Like a little bit. I think if everyone’s healthy, it’s just gonna be so heavily, the passing game, toward Andrews and Brown that I don’t see much coming from Boykin.

But yeah, I mean, there’s always some kind of– maybe he’s this year’s DJ Chark, the guy who has the crazy workout numbers but doesn’t do much as a rookie and gets written off. And does have that physical talent there.

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