Big Brother 22: How The Triple Eviction Could Work This Thursday

There are a few possible formats that the Triple Eviction on Big Brother 22: All-Stars could follow during this Thursday night’s two-hour episode. Since BB5, the houseguests competing for the $500,000 grand prize on the American series have gotten used to how Double Evictions work. After evicting the first player of the night, the houseguests play a sped-up week of Big Brother that includes another HOH competition, nomination ceremony, POV competition, and veto ceremony. The house then votes again to evict a second person. This twist is expected every year, even if they don’t exactly know when it’s coming.

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The English-speaking Big Brother seasons that have featured a Triple Eviction – or a variation of the format – in the past include multiple seasons of Big Brother Canada and the American editions of Celebrity Big Brother. However, the format that BBCAN follows isn’t exactly what the fans are expecting for it to happen this week on BB22. Moreover, the twist seen on CBB is technically not an official Triple Eviction, even if it pretty much is what it is. In any case, this lack of an official precedent has left several fans speculating as to how this will go down on Thursday night.

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Given that CBS has announced a two-hour episode for this Thursday, the fans are expecting the Big Brother: All-Stars Triple Eviction to be just like a Double Eviction, but two times. This would mean that two weeks’ worth of Big Brother game would play out after the first eviction of the night is completed. That’s two HOH comps, two nomination ceremonies, two POV comps, and two veto ceremonies. But there are also fans who think that the show couldn’t pull off so many competitions and ceremonies in under two hours. Those fans think that BB22 will follow the Big Brother Canada format for Triple Evictions. There, Triple Evictions work just like Double Evictions, with the exception that the night’s second HOH nominates three players for eviction and the house votes to only save one of those nominees. This amounts to three houseguests being evicted on that same episode.

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It has now become a tradition for the last stretch of Celebrity Big Brother in the US to feature a total of five finalists in the end. Essentially, this means that an adapted version of a Triple Eviction happens right before the grand finale. In the case of CBB, the players do experience three weeks’ worth of gameplay in a very limited amount of time. However, this format isn’t formally acknowledged as a Triple Eviction by the show. Still, the fans are hoping that the two-hour length for the upcoming BB22 episode means that the All-Stars will get to play two entire weeks of gameplay in just one episode. Otherwise, that’s a really long time if the show was to follow the Big Brother Canada format.

The fans are excited to see how Thursday night’s Triple Eviction will play out on Big Brother: All-Stars. But in the meantime, they will surely be speculating.

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Big Brother 22: All-Stars airs Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays at 8pm EST on CBS.

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