Canabis oil facility built in South Carolina town | Business News

The facility uses extraction and evaporating methods and equipment to turn their farm-grown hemp into crude oil and eventually to a distillate, or full-spectrum CBD, which is used in Nature’s Highways products, the company’s own CBD product brand. The facility will also provide hemp extracting services to other CBD companies via Carolina CannaTech, its parent company.

“This is clearly a new market and a new opportunity for really the Southeast now that CDB has been licensed and approved,” said Gregg Robinson, executive director of Orangeburg County Development Commission.

“We are excited that Orangeburg County with its agricultural nature can assist in anything that is medicinal and anything that improves the quality of life,” he said. “It is a clean process and we welcome them with open arms and success.”

Hemp has been grown for the third straight year in Orangeburg County, and for the first time there was no cap on the number of growers or acres that could be developed.

“Any new processing facility that plans to buy raw material from South Carolina farmers will be a good thing,” said Justin Ballew, Clemson Extension horticulture agent. “Over the last two growing seasons, a lack of buyers has been the number one hurdle for growers trying to expand the hemp industry.”

“If this facility is able to offer prices that are attractive to growers, making hemp a profitable crop for them, it is possible the acreage around Orangeburg, and possibly other areas of South Carolina, will increase,” Ballew continued. “Of course, this will also depend on the quantity of hemp this facility is able to buy and process each season.”

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