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Tucson, AZ, Dec. 06, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Cannafacturer, with the leadership of Jack Jay of Tucson, Arizona, is helping to bring American manufacturing back to its former glory. The 22-year-old entrepreneur says he “never expected to be manufacturing for other big brands.” I had the chance to sit down with the young man in his new home in Beverly Hills. Three years ago, Jack woke up in the hospital from a snowboarding accident with a terrible concussion. He went researching online after lacking any medication from the doctor for his decrease in mental functioning. His research brought him to start using infused vape juice that had neuroprotective properties. After doing research to find the formulation he was using was not only grossly overpriced with no other alternatives on the market, he contacted a formulator and worked with them to produce a quality product that really worked. Less than a year later, the company would acquire private funding and move the operation into a 5,250 sq ft warehouse, expanding the lines into lotions, creams, tinctures, shampoo, concentrates, gummies, prerolls and more. In a large consolidation of market prices and an urge to bring Cannabinoids to everybody at an affordable rate margins are being slimmed in hopes of bringing in a majority of the CBD market volume. “We make the highest quality product possible, we also do it in the most effective way possible meaning one could only hope to match our prices. We are crashing the market in hopes to grab larger and larger contracts. We are going to be offering $5 2000mg tinctures for our clients. This is unheard of, today I got an ad from a CBD company who has the ‘cheapest cbd on the internet’ and it was for $45. The sad part is they are not lying. Get ready to see a great change in pricing pioneered by us.”This is a scary thing for the companies out there who are paying more for their product from their manufacturing than CBD will start to be sold on the market. As money and supply has chased the demand for CBD products, the market will finally consolidate and become commoditized. Operations are bigger and more automated than ever, and there is no reason why CBD cannot become another Ibprofen.For the people who enter the market now, they will not see another consolidation of prices like before. Within the past 6 months the raw good price of cannabinoids dropped over 10x. Meaning if you paid for a batch of goods to be manufactured, you may have to sell at cost to even compete with the new market Cannafacturer is bringing to the table. For the new players starting their brand, there does not seem to be a better time. Jack boasted that he has full brand build out capabilities for companies that work with him. “We have it down to a science, creating logos, 3D rendering of products, website development, lab-testing, scannable qr codes, sticker printing, and custom formulation.”The gold rush for the cannabinoid market really has just begun, with estimates for revenue to quadruple within the next four years. The initial wave of hemp oil (which contain no cannabinoids) obviously deterred some users, but the true fans are continuing to stay vocal about the effects and helping others get effect product into their hands. One charity based startup CBD Auditors plan to regulate the industry as a private third party as the government is taking too long to step in. We work directly with this company as they recommend Cannafacturer to anyone who has poor experiences with their current manufacturer. It is an exciting time as a consumer in the industry. Many people looking to quit normal cannabis have switched to smoking hemp as it is truly the medicinal form of the plant. It provides all the medicinal properties without the recreational high, at a cost that’s far less than the THC market will ever be able to reach because of taxes and regulation.
Company: Cannafacturer
Contact: Jack Jay
E-mail: [email protected]
Address: 1251 S Tyndall Ave Tucson, AZ 85713
Telephone: +1(520)870-0996


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