Change Address on Google Map

Hello @jacqacker,

Jacqueline, the map may have been created using the WP Google Maps
plugin based on the code I see using my browser’s web developer tools: There should be a Maps menu inside the WordPress Admin dashboard.

If not, there are several possible options for displaying a front page in WordPress: Have you tried looking looking for one of those files, such as front-page.php?

The correct file should be listed under Homepage in the Theme Editor.

I also recommend looking for and editing the file by downloading it to your computer using FTP and editing it using a code editor. Something on the site might break if you edit the files directly inside the admin.

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Thank you so much for the reply!

I do have a file called index.php but the only code in it is this:
get_template_part( ‘templates/loop’, ‘content’ );

I don’t have anything else from the list of options, unfortunately. Also, I do not see that the previous owner’s used a widget for the map – I’ve searched high and low. I downloaded WP Maps for myself in hopes that I could remove the old map and put my own in, but I can’t even figure out how to remove the old map since I can’t find where it was added ?

One bit of information I forgot to add in my original post above – I found the original API Key (that’s the only thing I could find relating to the map at all) in the top of the Header on header.php in Theme Editor. Does that help at all?

You’re welcome!

Have you tried going to Pages > All Pages > Home to see if you can edit the home page from there?

If not, there may be code for the map inside the functions.php file.

Otherwise, could you please try logging in to the site’s hosting via FTP? Then navigate to the wp-content/themes/olympus. You may be able to find a file with the map code in that folder.

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