Configuring AOL Email in Thunderbird

I have had an AOL email account configured in Thunderbird for a long time. AOL started sending me an email recently claiming that my settings weren’t secure because I wasn’t using OAUTH. They linked me to this article –

Several weeks ago, I followed the directions in that article (removing and re-adding my account using their recommended settings). The OAUTH process ran and I authenticated successfully against it. I see OAUTH2 as the security type now. However, today I got another email from AOL saying that I have not successfully switched to OAUTH and that my insecure connection method will be turned off on October 20th.

Does anyone know what setting I need to switch to make it ‘secure’? The “Connection Security” is set to SSL/TLS and the Authentication Method is “OAUTH2”. I also checked my SMTP settings and it is likewise setup with OAUTH2 and SSL/TLS.

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