Denver Police warn dispensary owners about ‘grab and go’ thieves targeting customers

Denver-These are busy times for Colorado marijuana shops and busy times for thieves.

Denver police have warned store owners that thieves are preying on customers.

In a recommendation sent Friday, police said the suspect was approaching a customer leaving the store while carrying the purchased product.

“The suspect approached, snatched, and fled the area from an item purchased from (customer’s) hands,” the recommendation said.

The advisory did not list the clinics where the theft occurred.

“People are currently poor and crazy,” said Miguel Lopez, founder of the 420 Rally in Denver and a customer of a nearby pharmacy along Broadway and on Thirteenth Avenue West.

Lopez told Denver 7 that he had been threatened before while on Broadway, so he pays attention to his surroundings when he goes to the clinic.

The police want more people to do the same.

“We’re looking at the camera,” said Wayne Leybold, Human Resources Manager for Local Products, Colorado, a clinic one block west of Denver Police Headquarters.

Rybolt said theft was not an issue with LocalProducts.

He said staff were trained to monitor internal and external matters.

“It was a little easier during the COVID outbreak. It’s easy to monitor the facility because one person (customer) goes in and out alone,” he said. “It’s just aware of your surroundings.”

According to Lopez, the law treats marijuana stores and liquor stores differently.

He said that liquor store owners are generally allowed to carry guns, but federal law that classifies marijuana as a regulated drug is for those who have or are addicted to controlled drugs. He said he did not allow him to possess.

A large number of clinics employ security guards.

Police said there are steps that customers and store owners can take to reduce the possibility of theft.

“If possible, we recommend putting your purchase in your pocket or purse to hide your purchase,” said the theft advisory. “Visible deterrents such as security guards, cameras, well-lit exits and parking lots also serve as preventative and safety measures.”

Lopez said he always took extra steps when he went to the clinic.

“Don’t go alone. Be careful around you. Know your location in case you need to ask for help. By legal means, legal protection, just vigilance Do whatever you want to do, “he said.

Denver Police warn dispensary owners about ‘grab and go’ thieves targeting customers Source link Denver Police warn dispensary owners about ‘grab and go’ thieves targeting customers

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