Finding Your Perfect CBD Products

CBD capsules are perfect for the individual with a preexisting vitamin routine or for someone who wants a simplified way to get their daily CBD. Infinite CBD offers three different capsule variations – Isolate Capsules, P.M. Capsules and A.M. Capsules.

Isolate Capsules are the most simplistic, filled with CBD isolate and coconut oil powder. These are available in 10mg, 25mg or 100mg per capsule, in bottles of 30, 50 or 100 count. A.M. Capsules are the same capsules with an additional 100mg of caffeine to get your day up and going. With CBD and caffeine working together, you can say goodbye to those pesky jitters. Lastly is P.M. Capsules, with an included 3mg of melatonin in each capsule to help you reach a deep and meaningful sleep.

Nano CBD is made possible thanks to the innovations of nanotechnology. Simply put, we’re able to break the CBD particle into thousands of smaller particles. When they are this small, they become more bioavailable for your body – or, easier for your body to absorb. With this fast absorption, it makes the effects of CBD seem almost instant and more powerful. Nano products are perfect for those who have tried CBD products before and want to intensify the experience.

First is Nano Enhancer, our powerful CBD tincture. This product is available in 900mg, 3000mg or 6000mg, keeping the options open for a range of uses. Don’t forget, Nano CBD is much more powerful. This concentrated tincture is able to let a little go a long way. Second is Nano Freezing Point, our original Freezing Point lotion made with powerful Nano CBD. Finally are Nano Shots, a superior way to experience Nano CBD with a blast of flavor! Nano Rest is a shot made with valerian root, catered to relax and ease customers. Nano Energy Shots contain B-vitamins to give your day a boost where it’s needed.

Pet Droppers are a purely simple pet tincture, based with MCT oil and CBD isolate. We offer this selection in small, medium and large to fit your pets needs specifically. These can easily be added to kibble, wet food, water bowls, treats or even administered directly! Pet Droppers are perfect for your pet’s overall well being. If you notice any kind of behavior changes or strange patterns, these are a great way to start addressing those concerns – naturally!

Launch Pad, our pet salve, is another story entirely. While it is also formulated for pet health, it is more catered to skin health – particularly paws and noses that experience dry patches, flaking or cracking. Whether you’re hiking, taking daily walks or even just trying to repair previous damage, Launch Pad is proven to be an essential pet product.

We know – this amount of information can be overwhelming. However, you don’t have to start your CBD journey alone! Whether it’s a friend or doctor, feel free to open the conversation about CBD to help you and others claim a better understanding on the topic. If this doesn’t get you the answers you had hoped for, give us a call! Our team would love to work through your cannabinoid needs and figure out what the future holds for you.

*These statements have not been reviewed by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to treat, diagnose or cure any disease or illness. We recommend you consult your physician before using CBD.

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