Full Spectrum CBD Oil For Dogs | Happy Pawz | Cannabidiol Life

Cannabidiol Life’s Happy Pawz CBD Collection proudly offers an all-natural CBD oil for dogs. Each bottle contains 250mg of CBD and several more phytocannabinoids for a more concentrated, more effective solution. Our unique extraction method and proprietary CBD oil formula for dogs provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee.


  • True Full Spectrum CBD Oil (CBD + several other phytocannabinoids) For Promotion of the “Entourage Effect”
  • CBD Oil For Dogs formula was created in three specific potencies which corresponds perfectly to the weight of your dog
  • 100% organic MCT oil derived from coconuts (neuro benefits & higher bioavailability)
  • 100% wild Alaskan salmon oil (rich in omega’s 3, 6, & 9)
  • Happy Pawz 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

100% wild Alaskan salmon oil, full-spectrum CBD oil (CBD, CBG, CBN, CBC, <0.3% THC), NON-GMO organic MCT coconut oil, sunflower seed oil, chia seed oil.

Add 1mL of Happy Pawz CBD oil once a day directly to dry or wet dog food. For optimal results, add 1mL twice a day (morning and night) for the first week.

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