Ghostly Figure of Girl Spotted in Google Maps Street View of Haunted Martha Chapel Cemetery …

A very unsettling photo of a young girl, appearing to peek from behind a tree in a historical Texas Chapel. The spooky image was spotted in Google maps street view of haunted Martha Chapel cemetery, which is infamous for many mysterious tales and legends. The image of the ghostly figure of the girl was taken near a tree-lined fence in the Chapel. Peeking out from behind a large tree appears to be the head of a young, grey-skinned girl. In the background are gravestones. However, the scary image surfaced on the internet two years ago, for the first time in 2018, on YouTube. It was later said to be a false claim, and there was no ghost in the cemetery, but there are many legends and horror stories that make Martha Chapel the spookiest place in the US state.

stating the coordinate who originally sent the clip wishes to remain anonymous. “The only people the could have photoshopped these images would have to work for google maps and my source doesn’t work for them,” the YouTuber clarified then, as quoted by The Sun.

Watch the Video:

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A user on the video commented claiming that the creepy girl captured in the map video is actually his daughter and she was hiding while he shot the panoramic photo using Google’s Street View app. Whatever the claim is, the photo still scares many, and there are some spooky tales about the Martha Chapel Cemetery you should know.

Bowden Road in Texas, nicknamed as Demons Roads and Martha Chapel Cemetery has been called the most haunted road and cemetery in the US state. According to legends, the name Martha’s Chapel was likely derived from the name of the first person buried in the new church’s cemetery, Martha Palmer. Martha’s Chapel is also known as Robinson’s Settlement, and it was seven miles southwest of Huntsville. Claims of voices and shadow people have been made in the cemetery along with spirit hands coming out of the ground. Many even claim that spirits do follow you home after being in the cemetery.

According to a report, in 2010, a woman stated the encounter her husband and their friends had while at the cemetery. She claimed they saw a man wandering through the cemetery in the evening. They did not pay much heed to the wanderer, and a few days later, when she turned around to close the shower curtain to take her bath, she was surprised to see the same many they saw wandering through the cemetery. The man reportedly disappeared after instilling immense fear in the woman. While many theories disapprove the claims, it is said that locals warn people who desire to brave the graveyard, not to provoke the spirits.

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