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Kratom is a tree native to Southeast Asia’s marshy regions. This plant’s real strength comes from the leaves commonly used in folk medicine for a number of health problems such as the treatment of aches and pains, de-addiction, energy raising, anxiety and stress reduction, and also for its mild sedative properties.

There are many other benefits that a person can have while using kratom for their health. If we take the leaves of this plant properly, they prove to be very beneficial. All of these effects originate from the unique alkaloids present in the leaves, namely mitragynine and 7-hydroxy mitragynine.

The following are the top 4 health benefits of Kratom leaves that you probably haven’t already known about.

  • Pain Relief

Pain is the most common condition that can be treated by Kratom leaves. Pain is classified on the basis of where it originates and what parts of the body it affects. We have nociceptive and neuropathic pain in terms of origin. Nociceptive pain is the result of physical injury to body tissue, muscle, or tendon. Neuropathic pain is caused by chronic conditions such as multiple sclerosis, cancer, diabetes, arthritis, etc. Irrespective of the origin, pain affects the body, both physically and psychologically.

Kratom leaves are useful for treating all kinds of pain, although they work extremely well with neuropathic pain. The leaves relieve pain by binding to pain receptors in the central nervous system and elsewhere in the body. And while there are several strains of Kratom, the Bali/Red Vein is the most apt for its analgesic effects.

  • Improve Focus

If you find it hard to focus on, and often sudden, with mental fog or cloudiness, then that’s another scenario where you may experience some benefit after consuming kratom. A sense of mental clarity and a better focus may be needed for activities such as study, analysis, etc. While there is no evidence to support this claim, if you can choose the right type of kratom and dose, you may notice some improvements in your focus.

  • Cognition Enhancement

This is another mental benefit you can get from using the leaves of Kratom. As you may already know, our brains can only function optimally if they receive adequate nutrients and energy from the body’s metabolic processes.

The liver contains both phase I and phase II microsomal enzymes that metabolize Kratom into different alkaloids. Once metabolized, the alkaloids act on both the mu and delta receptors and the kappa opiate receptors located in the CNS and peripheral nerves. Mitragynine acts mostly on delta receptors, while 7-hydroxymitragynine interacts with Mu receptors. Collectively, these opioid receptors provide impressive cognitive performance.

  • Treatment For Opioid Withdrawal

In the last few years, some people have used kratom as a herbal alternative to treat withdrawal symptoms and side effects caused by opioid dependence. It could be prescription painkillers or other drugs, and sometimes even alcohol addiction. However, there is no scientific evidence to show that the use of kratom is safe for opioid withdrawal.

Obviously, Kratom leaves boast more health benefits than previously thought, and the best part is – there are many methods of administration that you can experiment with. You can consume Kratom in powder form, in a cocktail of other natural herbs, or mix it in your drinks.

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