Holiday Gift Guide 2020: The Best Health And Wellness Supplements

While there’re no replacement for a well-balanced diet, supplements are a terrific way to address any gaps in your day-to-day eating, and target health-related issues ranging from brain fog to sleeplessness. And with everything 2020 hurled our way, even the most disciplined could use a little extra help right about now. With that in mind, ahead are eight supplements whose benefits will help anyone and everyone feel their best well into the new year.

Tru Niagen® 300mg, $40

Nicotinamide riboside, or niagen for short, is a unique form of Vitamin B, and arguably one of the buzziest ingredients in wellness right now. Why? It’s critical for optimal cellular function – which translates to healthier aging – and can be beneficial to anyone, regardless of age and lifestyle. And taking it couldn’t be any easier with this innovative patented formula: simply take one capsule daily.

Matter by Elysium, $40

As we age, we notice it first in our skin and hair. But have you considered what’s happening to your organs, especially your brain? Turns out: your brain’s grey matter, which is essential in processing information, also experiences atrophy (shrinking and loss of volume) as we get older. So take two of these clinically proven tablets fortified with a B-vitamin complex everyday to keep your brain sharp for years to come.


Equilibria Extra Strength Daily Drops, $196

As you know, the market is saturated with CBD products. But Equilibria, a women-founded brand shines above the rest. And why? All the products are made with organic, non-GMO full-spectrum hemp oil – the higher, cleanser growing standards are worth your health – and thoughtfully offer personalized dosage support so you can find the right regimen for your specific needs.

Kamu Dream, $59.95

If you’re among the millions of Americans struggling with getting good sleep, reach for this natural elixir infused with CBD, melatonin, and 5-HTP by Kamu. Dispense two pumps into your mouth, let the liquid sit under your tongue for ten seconds, and you’ll notice a gradual sense of calm wash over you within 30 minutes. The liposomal technology ensures quick and effective results.

Nupeutics Health Microbiome Master, $26.97

There’s been a lot of talk about how gut health is linked to the health of other parts of the body, from the brain to the heart. So, to help bolster the good bacteria in your digestive tract, take two of these capsules – packed with oregano leaf, black walnut hulls, and reishi mushroom – twice a day with meals. The benefits vary, but many experience reduced sugar cravings, brain fog, and bloating.

Embody Retinol Gummy, $28

If there’s one ingredient everyone should look for in skincare, it’s retinol. The issue? How it can render complexions red, flaky, and sensitive. To remedy that, Jennifer Chung created Embody, the world’s first retinol gummy. Not only do the strawberry-flavored chews taste delicious, in just weeks they can promote collagen production for a radiant, lit-from-within glow.

The Confidence Co Digestive Enzyme Complex, $30.00

Lexi Aiassa is like a lot of us. She enjoys foods of all types, but had trouble digesting quite a bit of them – including nutritious things like kale. That’s why she started The Confidence Co. Whether you take these capsules with every meal or with just an especially hearty one, the mix of enzymes and herbs will help you feel, as the name suggests, confident no matter when or what you’re eating.

Alani Nu Balance, $49.99

While Alanu Nu has a range of supplements geared towards women, Balance is the brand’s cornerstone. (The thousands of online reviews further prove the point.) Formulated with cutting-edge ingredients such as Myo-Inositol, DIM, and Chromium, Balance naturally addresses many concerns of women today, from hormonal balance to weight management.

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