I always think of how future generations will look back on the times when Cannabis was illegal.

For a while now I have always thought about how when Im an old man, if young people who never lived through the times when Cannabis was illegal. Will people hear stories from grandpa about how having a joint could get you thrown in jail for a long time in some states. Or how it felt getting pulled over with few grams in your pocket. How alcohol was so accepted, but don’t you dare smell like weed. Have your son fetch you a beer in the fridge while watching the game, knowing one day he will join you for one, most likely before he is 21 lol. But therapy appointments are set up and interventions held when a bong is found Timmy’s room.

I think about even long after im gone, when Cannabis demonization and criminalization is in the far distant past, if people will shake their head at how anyone ever let it happen. I envision Cannabis to be a very normal adult thing to do and at that point no disagreeing that its a lot safer and healthier than alcohol. I envision various types of Cannabis bars, lounges, restaurants, and other entertainment. I can see Cannabis companies that come to your event or even just come to your house for a few of your friends and serve weed, and other Cannabis products. Catering business that will come to you and cook infused meals. Cannabis friendly resort and vacations or cruises. Cannabis at family get togethers will be just as normal as glasses of wine is now. No one will have to worry about losing a job because they consumed Cannabis during non work time because testing to see if you are high right now will be easy and 100% accurate.

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