Indeed Membership Pro – Subscription info


Currently this is not possible. Only membership level can be included.

I take this idea for a future new version.

I have been studying how Indeed Membership works and it seems that it would be enough to include this columns: start_time and expire_time

Using a timestamp format.

Can you check please if this works? If yes we will include in the addon explaining how to do it and allowing also to use a datetime format.

It didn’t work unfortunately, I tried using both fields (start_time and expire_time) with correct timestamps.
I guess it’s because it isn’t related to the user custom fields.
Thank you for your reply.


I read the source code and it seems to be how it works.

Please use datetime format instead of timestamp (2020-08-06 09:47:00) and try again.

We are not users of this plugin so we cannot check it.

It didn’t work either. =/

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