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“Mint is known as the leader in cannabis,” Shahara said. “We are committed to introducing new, innovative and entrepreneurial concepts into the industry while playing our role in changing the public’s misconceptions about cannabis.”

As a multi-state operator, Mint Cannabis also continues to expand its presence nationwide with new retail centers and cultivation facilities. Mint is now ready to open several new locations in the United States. This includes both new retail stores and individual cultivation facilities in northern Phoenix, after which mint brand locations will be added to Arizona, Michigan, Missouri, and Massachusetts.

Mint is ready to continue redefining the industry with plans to launch a subscription box program and full-service delivery in Arizona after the state approves direct consumer deliveries to marijuana facilities. This is expected to come between 2023 and 2025.

“Our industry is in crisis. When the COVID-19 hits, public opinion is changing, as evidenced by the fact that pharmacies, like pharmacies, are considered an integral business. “Shahara said. “Increasing cannabis acceptance is sweeping the country. We are positive agents of change, ambassadors of education, and innovative problem-solving that bridges critical gaps and provides viable options to meet demand. I want to be a person. “

About Mint Dispensary

Mint Dispensary operates state-of-the-art cannabis facilities nationwide. Recognized for offering a wide variety of high quality products and personalized services, Mint offers the widest variety of arc cartridges, flowers / buds, edibles and concentrates. Mint was named “Most Innovative Medical Cannabis Pharmacy” by the International Commercial Cannabis Awards in 2020 after working diligently to generate industry progress. Mint unveiled the country’s first cannabis kitchen of this kind in 2018. In 2019 we added massive on-site growth to its flagship store. In 2020, we conducted a drive-through at a clinic in Tempe, Arizona. This year, a clinic in Mesa, Arizona introduced a curbside pickup option for cardholders. For more information, please visit

To view the FAQ about selling recreational marijuana in Arizona; B-roll footage of the first day of a mint dispenser selling recreational marijuana in Arizona. Video sound bite by Raul Molina, co-founder and COO of The Mint Dispensary. Photo; Click here for more:

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Mint Dispensary Receives Approval for Selling Recreational Marijuana in Arizona

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