MSNBC and CNN Dump Out Minutes Into Trump’s In-Person White House Rally: Trump Not Being …



Both MSNBC and CNN dumped out of covering President Donald Trump’s live in-person rally at the White House, with MSNBC’s Alex Witt commenting that Trump was not “speaking 100% factually correct.”

Trump spoke for less than twenty minutes Saturday afternoon, to a tightly-packed and voluble crowd on the South Lawn. While Fox News carried the entire event, MSNBC was the first to dump out of coverage.

As Trump spoke, Witt cut in and said “Whoah! All right everybody, we’re going to continue to listen to this in the control booth. I don’t believe the president is speaking 100% factually correct. He most of the time does not, so we’re going to fact check a few things there.”

Witt then speculated about the reason for Trump’s early appearance for the event.

“We should note that he was scheduled to come out at 2:00, he came out early,” Witt noted, then added “I don’t know whether that means he just couldn’t wait to get on the campaign trail and have the cheering adoring fans there rooting for him there, or if he wanted to get out there and get this event over with for fear of perhaps getting tired.”

“Because in fact the president has recently, as you know been diagnosed with COVID-19,” Witt added, then posed the same question to White House reporter Josh Lederman.

CNN waited a few more minutes before they cut away from Trump, without explanation, to conduct a panel discussion on the event. They cut away right after Trump predicted that the coronavirus with which he and many of his staff are still infected, will “disappear.”

Watch the clips above via MSNBC and CNN.

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