One hit while breastfeeding?!?

I used to be a heavy smoker before having my little guy and quit when I found out i was pregnant. I’ve read a lot about the effects of marijuanna while breastfeeding but I was wondering do you think if I had one bong AS A ONE TIME THING that it’d be so bad and harm my child if its a once off? From what I’ve read it’s from frequent use that it effects their development etc and literally every single person around me is smoking and i miss it so much. My babies health and well being is so so important so I haven’t touched as I’m ebf but I have read a few posts that say a once off is okay and won’t effect baby. Opinions would be great thank you!

Edit: Don’t need any judgement and negativity, I’m asking what people’s thoughts are on smoking once if they think itd effect the baby. A simple no will suffice if you don’t agree ?

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