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I bought an item from Bonanza seller and immediately after two days, I realized that the seller was scammer. In no way received any shipping data immediately after four days and I sent an e-mail requesting tracking data. Sadly, did not received any reply from the seller and I filed a dispute with PayPal on June 29th. PayPal send me an USPS tracking quantity and it appears incredibly fish and saying it was delivered to identical Zip code immediately after three days I filed a dispute (from China, delivering in a week is unheard of). I had a number of calls with PayPal and meantime I received an e-mail from Bonanza saying they have permanently banned the seller due to fraudulent activity and asked me file a dispute with PayPal. Lengthy story quick, I had make contact with USPS and ultimately USPS sent me an e-mail with the USPS label image displaying tracking quantity (final four digits had been not offered) and displaying sender and receiver complete name and address. The sender was not the seller (the tracking quantity was for a delivered item from a US sender to an address in my zip code region) and it was delivered to an one more particular person in the identical zip code as I am. In order words, the seller offered a hacked USPS tracking quantity matching the identical delivery zip code. USPS asked me to forward the e-mail to PayPal for refund and it has been two weeks. PayPal is preserve postponing the resolution dates twice currently. I was told that PayPal will validate the data from USPS to USPS. All fantastic with me, but I want PayPal to resolve more quickly. I filed the dispute on June 29th and it is August 31st now. It occurred to be I had sufficient balance on my PayPal account and the payment was created out of my PayPal account. Due to that, I have to rely on PayPal one hundred%. I discovered lesson that I will not leave any balance on my PayPal account. If this was with a credit card or bank account, I would have it resolved lengthy time ago. Hope this scammers will disappear kind the earth!

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