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Either my boyfriend has hygiene issues or I am a control freak.…/either_my_boyfriend_has_hygiene_…/…

Bild könnte enthalten: Text „4:32 100% r/relationship advice Poy u/throwRA997787 Either my boyfriend has hygiene issues or| control freak. My almost and However, differences. Mainly cleanliness. standard boyfriend loving (mostly) relationship arguments differences and wewould dates issue. hotels, becausew separate smelled about thought maybe day. was anything rush forgot toclean otherwise which date vrcalmly issue said need elou understanding thought seemed smelledba wherei stopped please yourself. because unused mad always tell 115 wash Share“
Bild könnte enthalten: Text „4:33 /relationship_advice mad didnt because Things regarding Sometimes aspects Sometimes visiting him when thought was hoarders lthough habits them. aroundi house. were bad, hestillhas picked doors, doorknob, switch, withgrim verywhere messiness often now" saying that badgering Sometimes wiping him "lets am freak. ljust food away? should likw lecturing bathe, anything youtube abouthow afraid would eneveri properly pushing thingstoo becomes frustrated always frustrated badger argument. themss, improved Share“
Bild könnte enthalten: Text „4:33 100% /relationship_adv should anything owatch bathe, ikw lecturing knows thingsa nothing will change. wanthim properly pushing whenever ask himto clean, frustr how inmany argument. themess opinion. butits frustrated there about hallway whatd youwant whatever attracting eag understand Heis great other aspects and beaking anything. feedback situation nbiased point being controlling asking clean? have hygiene roblems? things/bathe? Thanks. clean 115 Share OLDCOMMENTS ZeusMN85· comment“
Reddit Ridiculousness
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A post from two years ago

Bild könnte enthalten: Text „6:22 PM r/relationships u/SignatureColette My boyfriend [30M] is slob and I'm beginning think it's a dealbreaker Relationships about 1.5 years toying with idea of me moving into house. However, teetering on hoarders levels mess, his lack of improvement is making me hesitant to move in. The first time came over his house (on our date) it as dirty dishes rotting in the sink and overflowing, roach corpses littering crannies, dirty laundry under the coffee table, tools, parts, and papers covering every counter table. heard that dirty house, Vote when 11 Add Share comment“
Bild könnte enthalten: Text „6:22 PM is every counter and table. I'd heard that house, especially when a guy has coming chance. person, so sympathized. effort to tidy up know I'm not happy in unorganized mess. flag, gave clean make an because dirty and I'm over get at the house, and try to butl overwhelmed by mess do the dishes, things it seems come work has he try to clear off and scattered back the undone. natural best. He three dogs into so like it's not helping. at like to it seems onlv seems to make Vote effort to clean Add Share comment“
Bild könnte enthalten: Text „6:22 PM years only seems to make effort to clean he's hosting people, only surface level, and barely at that. Otherwise he lets the all over the bathroom sink, the toilet, that leaf blower through the house is substitute vacuuming. doesn't time to clean. enough doesn't have to work, but despite being home 24 hours doing whatever he wants, he still can't be clean. being change his habits, the ment, little at ifit relationship obviously that's behest, but enough in be long term. house that dirty, to in waking inches from Vote 11 Add Share comment“
Bild könnte enthalten: Text „6:23 PM a house that dirty, and don't like waking my face. If| have him coming behind all cleaning try think may begin to resent him. don't want be his mom. want him to effort all the cleaning to because he simple be bothered. want have to juggle cleaning mess while he home day. job lays in thinking this is dealbreaker? you think he improve if give enough direction? TL;DR Boyfriend doesn't clean his house, try his messes again within days. afraid to with because fear won't change resent him for it. Vote Add Share comment“
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6. August 2018

I can’t figure out how you stay in a relationship with someone who is so lazy they have roaches in their house directly due to their lazyness. How do you keep going over there and stay there. I’d have noped out of that shit the first time i saw a roach. I’d offer to help but would not be staying there and the offer would only be good as their willingness to also help and change things around for the better.…/my_26f_boyfriend_30m_is_a_slob_a…/…

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