Roadmap for digital transformation: A literature review

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Digital transformation is a worldwide topical issue, of major importance for all companies in all sectors, as it changes customer relationships, internal processes, and value creation. The main concern of the stakeholders in this transformation is defining a vision and roadmap that determine the way forward. So how can companies successfully lead digital transformation?

In this regard, the paper’s aim is supporting the companies in their digital transformation journey by initiating a reflection on the digital transformation processes that uses a literature review to better capture the concept and identify the different proposals for digital transformation roadmaps.

The approach adopted in this paper, consists of pre-selecting papers based on a number of keywords around digital transformation processes. Identifying and studying the scientific and white papers presenting a clear and exploitable digital transformation process. Determining the necessary steps to transform digitally a company and organizing them into categories of phases on which we can capitalize to design a digital transformation process.

This work allowed spotlighting the strategic character of the digital transformation, and above all to grasp the multidimensional reach of it. The purpose behind this is to foster debate on how to digitize a business and to enrich our vision with existing roadmaps to build an alternative process to digital transformation.

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