Schedule II will kill the Legal cannabis market Rec and Medical. Big pharma is coming!

Edit: Maybe the title should have been will it kill the legal cannabis market?, but to deny this is a major concern is foolish in my opinion. What exactly has our government done for the people in the last 30 years?

They have openly supported spraying paraquat on fields of marijuana until the late 80’s

The fox will soon be let in the hen house!

If you are pro cannabis legalization you should be outraged that the Government’s attempt, to seize control of the cannabis market.

Mark my words here is what’s coming and how they are going to do it.(or a version of it) Even if I am wrong (I would love to be), it can’t be any worse than a politician that says the same thing about electing supreme court judges, and then openly does the exact opposite.

E280 is already in place and is currently being used by the federal government to steal billions in federal taxes from cannabis states and businesses.

Rolling Stone magazine wrote an article in early 2018 that covered the estimated tax revenue the feds were going to make off cannabis.

The Congressional Joint Committee on Taxation estimated the taxes collected on legal cannabis sales from 2018-2027 would be about 5 Billion.

Since this report an additional 6 states legalized for adult use, and many states where legalization already existed have consistently out perfored initial estimates. That last estimate from 2018 is so far off, the number will likely be more like 15 Billion and I believe even that number will be eclipsed.

I didn’t state the number of states that legalized medical use, as well so keep that in mind.

In 2012 the DEA employed 11,116 (Agents/Staff) and had a budget of $2.880 Billion. In 2019 the DEA employed 10,169 (Agents/Staff) and a budget of $3.136 Billion. This equates to an 8.6% reduction in force and an 8.9% budget increase.(2012-2019)$3,047,619 a month over 84 months, and an attrition rate of 11.29 Employees a month. u/11.29 Employees per month attrition or $269,939.00 increase per employee lost.

Here is what is coming….I’m furious and you should be too!

  1. Joe Biden, is appointing an AG who wants to defer scheduling based off DEA opinion and findings.

  2. It will receive schedule II as per Biden’s wishes, keeping lobbyists happy

  3. The DEA or Biden admin will tell everyone it is so we can study it using science and the American public will be appeased as we all say, “well at least it’s not schedule 1”!

  4. Schedule II will be the perfect reason for the DEA to now get involved in any medical marijuana and ask for bigger budgets and more people to oversee the market.

  5. Insurance companies will remain happy, because a dirty piss test without a medical card will still be basis for claim denials and or suppression’s.

  6. Alcohol lobbyists will remain happy, because cannabis users who need the job, but don’t have a medical card will opt to use alcohol.

  7. Big Pharma lobbyists will remain happy, and are probably already buying up land and other sources to crush the remaining medical cannabis oppositions.

  8. The DEA will allow Big Pharma to sell it’s excess to Recreational markets because they are a “Reputable Source”.

  9. Because Big Pharma will be considered a “Reputable Source”, they will be able to get regular federal tax write offs.

  10. They will essentially be able to grow in large scale for pennies on the dollar effectively dealing a coup de gras to the cannabis market as we know it.

You were worried about big pharma coming in and trying to take over, lol bet you never thought the Government would just hand it to them.

Let’s not forget, in the mean time over the next _ years, they will continue to steal billions in tax money, and claim Medicare For All, is bad and there is no such accounting that supports proposals.

If you are a progressive or any other caring American citizen that cares about a full legal and FAIR cannabis market, you better start yelling like the house is on fire, BECAUSE IT IS

One last thought, if you think procedure (civics) will stop collusion and corruption, you are delusional. It doesn’t matter who will reschedule, they will collude, and testify in favor of this obviously corrupt glad handing behind the peoples back.

Update: Since preparing this, their is already, other articles and updates, supporting this ideal.This will be a complete slap in the face to millions of live these assholes have destroyed, with no repercussions or empathy towards those people as they openly steal from.

Trust me I would love to 100% wrong about this, and No I do not personally have a dog in this fight, other than living in a legal state.

The federal government has helped us enough, with there open corruption, but yet people want to deny this is a very possible and worrisome outcome, of a free market.

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