Semi-vent about being HOH and working Kohls

I prefer to call myself Deaf for cultural and physical reasons but I do wear a cochlear implant that’s basically like a hearing aid.

I told the interviewer weeks ago when we interviewed, there was no problem, she was going to make sure I work in departments where I won’t struggle as much. So I work OMNI, Amazon, and BOPUS.

I rarely get scheduled BOPUS, but I worked it today. All day long this one manager is yelling at me to be listening to my walkie, “why aren’t you listening to anything” and turns out one, I didn’t know I was supposed to listen to customer service and other calls for help, my name can you do this, , can you do that, etc…I told her I’m hard of hearing, I struggle to hear on the walkies and she scoffs and two, I don’t hear this stuff well anyways.

Well I was too scared to go to the bathroom or drink water all day in case I were to miss something and I hate feeling like everyone is annoyed with me asking them to repeat themselves on the walkies. I was enjoying working for Kohl’s and now I feel like crap today. I succeed really well in Amazon, it helps that I don’t need to be listening for all this stuff.

That being said do I need to listen for all this stuff when I work OMNI? What am I supposed to listen for when I work OMNI?

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