So, How Did Cannabis Sativa Really Become the Strain for Energy and Focus?

sativa for energy

The acceptance and growth of cannabis have promoted different views from different people, some true and some not so much. It is important that concrete information is made available to guide people from error. One of the common thoughts particularly about cannabis strains is that the sativa species is the energy queen of cannabis. This article will help to explain the truth about why sativa has been dubbed the energy queen of cannabis.

Cannabis Strains

Cannabis is generally divided into two different strains namely indica and sativa. There are also hybrid cannabis strains made from the combination of different strains. Indica strains have been dubbed the strain that promotes relaxation and calm feeling. Sativa strain however has been dubbed the energy queen of cannabis. This is why many have chosen some sativa strains as their go-to strain for carrying out any exercise that requires energy.

It must first be stated that the major factor that determines the effect of a cannabis strain is the ratio of the cannabinoids present in it. THC is the major cannabinoid that accounts for the energetic effect associated with the euphoric high. CBD is the cannabinoid that also accounts for the calm and relaxed effect of cannabis. This is to say that irrespective of the cannabis strain, the ratio of CBD and THC determines the result to expect.

To most who require cannabis for medical purposes, limited attention might be paid to the energy derived from the natural herb. However, to those that cherish cannabis for its recreational use, this is what matters most. Some users love a calm and relaxed high which is propagated by a good ratio of CBD and THC. Others however prefer a strong and energetic high that gives the needed drive to go through the day. A common thought in the cannabis world is that if a strong and energetic high is what you are looking for, then a sativa strain is all that you need.

Cannabis sativa strains have different special characteristics that make them unique and distinct. The plant is tall in stature with slender-bladed leaves. The plant also has an open bud structure with spiral formation around the branches. The plant also has a distinct light green color and might have different other colors of trichomes based on the type of the strain. The plant is also native to tropical regions where it is exposed to the sun in the hot summers. This exposure to the sun extends the flowering time and makes the plant more resistant.

Is sativa truly the energy queen of cannabis?

The name sativa was given by Carl Linnaeus a Swedish botanist in 1753. The term sativa means cultivated which was the idea by Carl Linnaeus when the name was given. He gave the name Cannabis sativa with the two name taxonomy system. It then begs the question why the name sativa has been associated with energetic euphoric feelings.

The belief that sativa cannabis strain is the energy queen of cannabis is more of a human-engineered phenomenon. The differences between sativa and indica cannabis strains are limited to some physical characteristics however, the chemical differences are not as pronounced as we make them out to be. Both strains have similar ancestry and structures but the effects of human breeding and cross-breeding have changed the scope of many strains.

There are different types of common sativa-dominant strains that are known for energetic effects. Common examples include Strawberry Diesel, Lemon Meringue, AK47, Panama Punch, Mountain Thunder, and Silver Haze. Most of these strains are loved by cannabis users because they promote energized and euphoric feeling. There are other examples of popular sativa-dominant species that are well-known for energetic effects.

AK47 is one of the popular sativa-dominant species loved by many nowadays. It is a product of three sativa species and one indica cannabis species. Colombia, Mexico, and Thai are the three sativa inputs while Afghanistan is the only indica input in the mix. The result of the combination is a sativa-dominant species with a strong energetic feel. The species has a skunky sour feel and a distinct earthy scent. It also has additional hints of pine, light citrus, and sage that make the dynamic species more appealing. These obvious effects seen in such sativa-dominant species are why many believe that all sativa strains give energy.

Silver haze is another example of a sativa-dominant cannabis species. This particular strain is loved especially by farmers because of its ability to grow very fast and give rise to a very high yield. This helped it gain huge popularity in the 1980s and has been used to develop more potent strains. Haze and Northern Lights have been used to develop highly potent sativa strains that give a strong and energetic high. Lemon Haze and Silver Dog are two popular examples made from Silver Haze. Lemon Haze is a product of Silver Haze and Lemon Skunk while Silver Dog is a product of Silver Haze and Chemdog.

The genetic history of most sativa-dominant species are quite different from many pure cannabis strains. Therefore it would not be right to classify all pure cannabis sativa strains as energetic strains. Likewise, it will not be right to classify all indica strains as relaxing and calming strains. This is why it is important to consider the ratio of THC and CBD present in the strain and THC potency.

Bottom line

The truth is that the only factor that matters when it comes to the effect of cannabis is the cannabinoid profile. Other factors such as terpene profile help to improve medicinal effect but when it comes to recreational effects like a euphoric high, THC is the most important. Common beliefs that all sativa species give strong bursts of energy are not necessarily true. The origin of the tag ‘energy queen’ is less scientific and more human-driven. However, many hybrid sativa-dominant strains are known for their intense energetic delivery which is why this common belief lives on.







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