Spotted at Costco: Maple Pecan Lava Cakes with Reusable Ceramic Pots

Costco has never been one to hold back when it comes to mouth-watering desserts, especially when it comes to U.K.-based Pots & Co. which offers delicious sweets in beautiful reusable ceramic pots. Now, just in time for the peak of autumn, they’ve rolled out a maple & pecan lava cake, still in their signature ceramics and just waiting to be front and center at your dinner table!

Featuring a soft, moist cinnamon cake with a maple caramel center and topped with crunchy candied pecans, these are bound to be a family favorite and capture all those fall flavors we love so much. Every package comes with four of these wonderful treats, which also means four adorable ceramic pots to add to your collection and use for future baking endeavors! We’re sure nobody in your family would object to that.

Pots and Co also offers several other delicious flavors, like this Apple & Cinnamon Crumble, perfect for autumn as well!

Click here to find a list of stores nationwide that carry Pots and Co products!

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