The Best Buy/Sell Article Ever

We already had a “Buy Low, Sell High” article for week four from our main man Ryan. However, I think he’s overlooking some great candidates that are flying under the radar here. So, if you want to read about the same players you’ll see anywhere, check his out. However, if you want to see the real guys no one is thinking about in buy low/sell high scenarios, read on.

Sell High: Allen Lazard

The Lizard King dominated the Saints, putting up a stat line of 8-146-1. Did he take a leap to being a big time target? No. Rodgers’s favorite target, Davante Adams, was out that game. Lazard is a good receiver, but you have to strike while the iron is hot, and fill some holes by selling him high (and alienate your friends when he returns to average.)

Buy Low: Aaron Hernandez

Buy Low or Sell High: Aaron Hernandez

This is the year of the tight ends. With more and more teams embracing TEs, a reliable, pass catcher on your squad is a must. With so many injuries across the league, depth is important. Look for teams to sign some guys who have been out of the league for a while to bolster their offense, and no one is talking about this guy.

I know, Aaron Hernandez has had some off the field issues, and after lengthy stay on the IR, he might not be game ready. However, in his last full season, he put up 910 yards and 7 TDs. It’s tough to deny that kind of talent from the league. Even after being out of the league so long, he’s still more mobile than Brady, who looks like a corpse in the backfield at time.

Sell High: Barry Sanders

Injuries are rampant in the NFL this year. With Saquon and Cohen out and Le’Veon underperforming, team’s need to add a guy with a little wiggle to their rosters. Barry still has some mileage in the tank, notoriously retiring early to get away from Detroit. Look for teams to trade for his rights, and plug him into the second half. A RB looking for a ring with plenty left in the tank? This man should be on everyone’s radar, and if you can get him there will be plenty of buyers.

Buy Low: Brett Favre

Buy Low or Sell High: Brett Favre?
Wear a damn mask, Brett

With Jimmy Garoppolo, Tyrod Taylor (more on him later), and Drew Lock out, teams will need a veteran presence to keep the team level while they wait for their franchise guy to return. Brett Favre has been seen hanging out at NFL facilities this season. Could he be eyeing a comeback? Just keep Brett away from Erin Andrews, and expect him to be a good pickup for some consistent, veteran QB play.

Sell High: Russell Wilson

I know, I know, hot take. But, this is Wilson’s MO. Start the season scorching hot, get MVP hype, and then Pete Carroll had a PTSD Flashback to Super Bowl XLIX and starts running the ball. Right now, you can get a king’s ransom for Wilson. The world is your oyster, and there is no asking price too high for Mr. Unlimited… Okay, this Tweet is the real reason why I think you should jettison Russ immediately.

Buy Low: Justin Herbert

After team doctors almost killed Tyrod Taylor, Justin Herbert stepped up and played extremely well against the reigning Super Bowl champions. UMass may be the Minutemen, but Herbert is the 10 Second Man (and I’m not talking about the bedroom). He was told right before kickoff he had to start, and somewhat delivered to the tune of 311 yards, one TD, one INT, and another rushing TD. Then the Panthers game came, and Herbert didn’t do much. While he threw for more yards (330), he had didn’t produce much else, and couldn’t get a rushing TD against one of the worst defenses in the league. With questions of where Tyrod will be on the depth chart and if Herbert is ready or not, Herbert could be gotten cheap for later in the season (or dynasty leagues).

Do you have guys you think people should buy low or sell high? Let me know on Twitter (@BellyUpKev) and check out Belly Up Fantasy to get the winning edge in all your leagues!

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