This Giant, Animated, Fog-Breathing Dragon Decoration Will Take Halloween Up a Notch


Halloween probably won’t be quite the same in 2020, which is a shame because some of the decorations that we’ve seen in the early going are spectacular. Strangely, Home Depot is leading the charge with items like a 12-foot skeleton with LCD “life eyes” and a 6-foot tall dragon with features like an animated mouth that roars, LED eyes, and a fire-breathing fog effect.

You can order the dragon Halloween lawn decoration here at Home Depot for $399 with free shipping. Unfortunately, a fog machine isn’t included – this 1000-watt version at Home Depot seems like it would be compatible for $69.98 (you’ll need one that’s 600-watts or more, apparently). As you’ll see in the video below, having a fog machine isn’t absolutely essential though. It’s awesome without it:

Some of our other favorite Home Depot Halloween decorations that are new for 2020 include the following:


You can check out all of Home Depot’s Halloween decorations right here.

[h/t Totally The Bomb]

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