UPS: non-delivery, 3-week outdated tracking


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Its not your shipment. You did not hire UPS. The seller hired UPS. They have to file the claim. If you live in the states you are owed a full refund.

No, I am not in the US, and I do not believe that US citizen may ever expect such a horrible services …..
Local service says the shipment/guitar is not lost, soon or late it would arrive, so wishing not to own the instrument which traveled within such a long period of time and under unclear storing conditions does not mean that I may get a full refund when requesting guitar’s return, moreover, wishing its return means me paying for that.

The key factor for asking the full refund is the shipping/service quality that UPS forced me facing to. I am not sure that the store will consider to spend any extra-time for such a complaint to UPS….. so that is why I am contacting UPS’ HQ !!

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