Vaping Vs. Smoking- What’s The Difference?

CBD versus Vaping

Smoking is a habit that is particularly hard to kick. People try for weeks, months, even years and still have no result. People try patches and gum, hoping that it will wean them off those harmful cigarettes. But patches and gum only go so far. Nothing replicates that smoking feeling properly. That is until vaping reared its head a few years ago. Vaping has quickly become one of the most popular forms of treatment for a smoking/nicotine addiction. Vaping goes a long way to imitate that smoking feel, offering that vital hand-to-mouth inhaling experience. But there are some key differences between the two. Thankfully, these differences tend to be very beneficial to the user.

Is Vaping Less Harmful?

Vaping is widely considered to be less harmful than smoking traditional cigarettes. It is perhaps the greatest reason why users switch from smoking to vaping. There are several primary reasons for vaping’s less harmful status. Perhaps the biggest reason revolves around how the product is burned inside of the device. When lighting a traditional cigarette, the tobacco inside undergoes a combustion process. This essentially means that while the tobacco is burned, several toxins are produced by the reaction and are free to escape. These toxins are mixed and blended with the other products of the combustion process, leading to the toxins being inhaled along with the other, less harmful gasses. After entering the body via inhalation, these toxins then enter the bloodstream directly from the lungs. From there, the toxins then begin to harm the cells of the body, damaging certain enzymes. This can then cause certain areas of the body to malfunction or break down over time. Issues with breathing are a common side effect of smoking because of the harmful inhalation of toxins. If you smoke regularly then this build-up of toxins in the body will be made increasingly worse within a short amount of time. Only by quitting smoking can you stop this harmful degeneration of cells.

This is why many smokers move towards vaping as a source of nicotine. A vape device, no matter the type, will not combust the product within. A vape device only heats the e-liquid inside until it reaches its evaporation point. This means that no harmful toxins are produced and subsequently inhaled by the user. Therefore vaping is widely considered to be much less harmful than smoking.

The Long-Term Risks Of Smoking Compared To Vaping

Along with the aforementioned breathing issues that come with inhaling the harmful toxins produced via smoking, there are a whole host of other issues that can occur due to smoking. Many of these issues persist in the long-term, therefore making them even more harmful to the individual. Several of the possible long-term risks of smoking revolve around fertility. Men who smoke are more likely to have a much-reduced sperm count, making the likelihood of fertility much lower than someone who does not smoke. Similarly, women who smoke have an increased risk of losing the child during pregnancy or childbirth, especially if they continue to smoke whilst pregnant. One of the most common long-term risks of smoking is the development of various forms of cancer. Lung, kidney, and stomach cancer are all common forms found in those who smoke regularly. A few of the other common long-term effects of smoking are an increased risk of developing cataracts in the eyes, an increase in general inflammation, an increased risk of having a stroke, and an overall reduced general health in an individual. All of these issues can greatly impact an individual’s life in every regard. Whilst vaping still has some long-term risks of its own, they are not nearly as life-threatening as the ones associated with smoking.

Flavours Galore

One of the main benefits of vaping is choice. Compared to smoking regular cigarettes, vaping offers the user an incredible amount of choice in several key aspects. One such aspect is the sheer amount of flavours available for modern vaping devices. The modern vaping market is a vast one. New flavours appear every single day, fighting over each other to be the new favourite on the market. Flavours range from refreshing fruit flavours to sharp yet sweet coffee and dessert options. The extensive range of e-liquid flavours available mean that vape users never have to settle on just one experience like they would if they smoked regular tobacco-filled cigarettes. Instead, vape users can change their experience every day, tailoring it consistently to their own personal needs and wants.

A particularly noticeable benefit of vaping when compared to smoking is that vaping does not cause any unpleasant aromas to linger around the user. Instead, if any aromas do linger, they are likely to be pleasant ones that correlate to the flavour of e-liquid vaped. You will no longer be judged for having that “smoker’s smell”.

Set Your Own Nicotine Levels

Additionally, vaping also allows the user to choose their desired nicotine level. E-liquids come in a variety of strengths, each one clearly stating how much nicotine is concentrated within the liquid volume. This lets the vape user choose how much nicotine they wish to have. This makes nicotine addiction much easier to measure and treat as a precise figure can be obtained. This also allows vape users to slowly reduce the amount of nicotine they have on a daily basis, allowing them to wean themselves off the harmful substance gradually over time.

A Cost-Effective Alternative

Cigarettes, quite frankly, cost a ridiculous amount of money. If you have never really considered it, then just think about it for a second. Smoking cigarettes can cost a significant amount of money long-term. Money that could be best spent elsewhere. Whilst vaping may seem like quite the investment at first, it is more than worth it in the long run. Vaping starter kits can be found starting at around only £20-30 and can be used for quite a long duration of time before you are required to replace them. And while e-liquid refill packs may still cost quite a bit of money, they are cheaper overall than regular cigarettes.

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