Vote for Len Resto and Frank Truilo for Chatham Borough Council

Dear Editor:

I am 89 years old and moved to Chatham Borough several years ago in order to be close to my son, daughter-in-law and grandchildren. I live comfortably on retirement savings but pay a significant chunk of it every month for my simple and cozy apartment.

Chatham is a wonderful community, but something we need more of is housing options for retirees and young people. Keeping our young and old in our community is import for developing a sense of community and shared values, and for creating long lasting family roots. Both young and old have much to contribute. Young residents bring energy and new ideas. They fill volunteer positions such as at our volunteer fire department and emergency squad. Retirees bring wisdom and a patient way of looking at things. They often fill seats on our town commissions and committees. Some are great contributors to our civil discourse, and both attend and participate at council meetings. They provide much needed support for their families as well as other retirees. Both young and old are frequent patrons of local retail stores and restaurants and as a group their needs can create incentives for new small businesses.

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I know Len and how hard he works to make Chatham a better place for all. Len is the Council Liaison to the Senior Citizens Advisory Committee and has been an ally for the senior community in the Borough. He also helps run a food drive for our neighbors in need. I have just gotten to know Frank, and he is a sweetheart with a wonderful vision for Chatham’s future. He believes in a diverse community for all. Not just a commuter hub, but a thriving family village. As an architect, Frank understands the needs of both young and old and has insight in how to make our downtown work for businesses that will support all our needs. Take it from this Old Lady, I know good people when I see them. Please join me in electing Len Resto and Frank Truilo to Borough Council.

Sincerely yours,
Argerie Xikes

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