What Will Happen with Hemp 10 Years from Now?

Hemp a Decade from Now: What Does the Future Hold?

2020 will be a memorable year in history, and not exactly in the best of ways. The pandemic made us all pause and look at life differently, but surprisingly we still managed to pull a few good moves despite the uncertainty of the future.

Among the significant breakthroughs is the de-classification of marijuana as a dangerous drug by a UN Agency, the commission on narcotic drugs. This move will create ripples in the cannabis industry, at least for the next decade or so.

In this article, we wish to highlight how the world will adapt to the recent UN announcement, how the cannabis industry is affected, and what to expect regarding cannabis use.

Warranted Use of Hemp

The decision by the UN Agency came about after a vote cast, 27-25 with one absentee. The UN agency mainly based the debate on medical reasons upon recommendation by the World Health Organization (WHO). Prior to this, bills had been passed in some countries to legalize hemp. The US 2018 Farm Bill saw that hemp was legalized in the country, but under particular restrictions, and classified marijuana as a plant. Another example is the 2019 Thailand Narcotics Act that legalized hemp, but for medical use only.

A few countries have already legalized the recreational use, planting, and selling of cannabis, but after the announcement and recent trends of countries legalizing hemp, it is expected to see more countries that will join in the decriminalization of marijuana. Legislative measures will be taken into account, just like in any other industry, to ensure fair laws and policies are fashioned to protect consumers and producers.

Medical Research and Medical Use

Research on the components of marijuana and its effects on health have never provided a full scope of information. New studies and new information pop up that help us better understand the plant every day.

For example, discussions on what are CBD and THC and how they affect your health help one to be conscious of their effects; however, there is more to discover and learn as more people indulge in weed, and the results shown differ from person to person.

Doctors have indicated that marijuana is useful for certain conditions like anxiety, chronic pain, and epilepsy. The World Health Organization’s (WHO) recommendation of medical use of cannabis has opened up more research on ways cannabis can be integrated into the medical field.

New Strains to respond to an Expanded Market

The global marijuana industry will see an incline in the years to come. As more countries are legalizing it, more people will get into the market, and dispensaries will be blooming everywhere.

Producers, consumers, and businesses benefit from this, as more CBD and THC products will be in circulation, and new strains invented to feed the growing demand. The creativity in the use of CBD and THC products (like the CBD oil for pets) will always level up to beat the stiff competition and to keep clients happy and satisfied.

Markets will grow, thereby accruing money in-flow in the country, leading to a thriving economy. More production will mean more income for the government; therefore, favorable policies and laws are created to protect the weed industry.

Increased Number of Cannabis Users

As more countries are coming to terms with the idea of cannabis use both for recreational purposes and for medical use, it is safe to say that the number of marijuana users will increase afterward, e.g., post-covid new hemp users have increased since the pandemic.

Medical practitioners will seek to give their patients new medical intervention forms, including pain relief, appetite boosters, or energizing supplements to those who lack other alternatives and medication for specific illnesses. That is good news for both doctors and patients; it gives hope for the evolution of medicine.

Recreational users will not be left behind either if a country allows it. The itch to try something new is always there, and some people will tend to scratch. There are three main different breeds of weed that include: Indica (which gives a relaxing feel), Sativa (which offers an energizing feeling), and Hybrid (a combination of both energizing and relaxing feel, e.g., Bruce Banner strain) that people are free to choose from.

Un-learn and Re-learn Facts about Cannabis

Ongoing probes into the uses and effects of cannabis should not be undermined, as it is the only marketing tool for marijuana. For it to be useful, the results must be impartial to enable the bursting of ridiculous myths and confirm concrete facts.

Knowledge on how weed affects the brain causes impairment of judgment, loss of interest, and its effects on health are still vital primarily because the reception and acceptance of weed depend on it. Studies have shown that hemp can be used to make cannabis-based packaging paper that reduce waste and are environmentally friendly.

With that in mind, more countries are inclined to legalize weed once presented with credible information about cannabis, and the older generations specifically are not stuck in a web of misunderstanding weed users.

Status Quo will change

With time, the attitude about weed will change, and it will be just a normal thing for everyone, just like cigarettes and alcohol is. It is clear that if it is not for medical use, nobody will publically advocate for the benefit of marijuana unless it is peer pressure; that is, for countries that have warranted the use of cannabis. All the talk surrounding marijuana will eventually die down, and life will move on to the next big thing.

New Production Methods for Cannabis Use

Generally, there are two forms of taking cannabis, through smoking and by oral means. The methods used have changed, and new approaches are introduced to give a unique experience and keep on changing to remain relevant.

Smoking forms include rolling papers (for smoking blunts or joints), pipes, hookahs, homemade tools, vaporizers, and so much more. New flavors are introduced, and the tools keep changing.

Oral forms include edibles, teabags, ingestible oils, tinctures, and so much more. The ingenuity of the products fascinates many people and keeps them on the lookout for new forms to enjoy their favorite plant.


The world has been affected dramatically by the pandemic, and the future of most industries and businesses remains uncertain. Fortunately, not all industries are destined to meet the same fate, as some have boomed more than ever before.

One thing for sure is that the cannabis industry will thrive and grow now and in decades to come. The need for it is higher than before, and supply will eventually have to rise to meet the demand. The business side of it is lucrative for anyone seeking that route. The new strains and new ideas are being formed for the recreational users to make it more enjoyable for you and feel the utmost euphoria marijuana brings.

The evolution of cannabis has just begun. Just wait and see!

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