Where to Get Marijuana Seeds for Growing Killer Bud – Genetics Matter

where to get greed weed seeds

I follow a few cannabis breeders online. One of my favorite dudes has to be Breeder Steve who always has some fresh takes on cannabis. Hell, he’s helped save some of my crops that got infested – so the least I could do is give him some love here.

In a recent Twitter Post, Steve asked the Twitterverse about their Top Seeds and Suppliers. There were a couple of awesome responses on that and it inspired me to write on the principles of buying seeds. So many times we speak about the fundamentals of growing without actually getting into the seed-aspect of cannabis cultivation.

Today, I aim to provide some insight on buying your seeds.

How do I know I have a good seed supplier?

There’s a couple of things that a reputable supplier needs to have according to the people who responded to Steve’s Tweet.

Good Customer Service

Wide Selection of Genetics

Good standing reputation with the breeder community.

From what I could gather the most common suggested names for good seed suppliers are [in no particular order]

1 – Van Seed Bank

2 – CSI Humboldt

3 – The Vault Seed Bank

4 – Royal Queen Seeds

There are probably many more, but these are the main ones I could fish out of the comment stream. I know several of them as well and know they have good delivery, good ethics and good genetics.

If you’re looking to find some premium seeds, there you go!

What about the Top strains?

Once again, it’s always good to crowd source answers from a bunch of cannabis aficionados. This list was quite extensive so I had to boil it down to the top five according to my personal biases and repeated answers within the comment section.


Mexi Death

Donny Burger


Gorilla Glue

Northern Lights

Black Apple Hitchcock

Tropicanna [By Breeder Steve himself]

Sour Diesel


Of course, these are all strains based on the personal preferences of a few – albeit these few probably could outsmoke most people on the planet. We’re talking about people who actively grow and breed cannabis, so they should be some of the “highest” authorities on “dope strains”.

If you’re new to cannabis, these may even be a bit on the “Wow” side of things. However, as a grower, I think this list will be my new Strain Bucket List. Do yourself a favor and research these plants on your own, check out how they develop. They all seem like a blast to grow.

I don’t have money – can I just grow this bag seed?

If you don’t have cash to buy your own seeds, then of course grow whatever you have available. I have discovered some amazing no-name strains from Mexican shwag weed. If you find a seedy stash that still gets you plenty high – you have just hit the jackpot my friend!

I have a personal mission to “rescue” unnamed land strains and growing them as best as I can. If I find a good strain, I aim to cross breed it with some “standard” strain and will begin to work on new strains.

I am currently living in Mexico, and while it’s still not 100% legal here to grow – they recently did pass laws to allow up to 8 plants for cultivation. While the law is still not in affect, I have never really cared too much for it in the first place, but now, I can totally follow through with my master plan of growing some killer bud.

The good thing is that here there’s plenty of people growing without knowing how to grow, so often you can buy some baggy seed weed on the streets. I managed to track down a particular “retailer” who has access to some pretty good Mexican weed genetics that come with a bunch of seeds.

I buy a bag every 3 or 4 months solely for the purpose of getting the seeds. The weed in itself is cured like garbage, harvested before the time and comes with plenty of seeds. It still gets you decently high though and one of the seeds I got from one of those baggies looks like this now…

buds and seeds

She smells amazing too! My next goal will now be to mix these “awesome landstrains” with some of the primo weed from seed banks to create some new strains to be enjoyed by me.

Become a Breeder [as a hobby]

If you’re growing cannabis, the next step is creating your own strains. As a hobby, breeding is awesome. Who knows, you may have “The golden touch” and the next time I’m writing about must have seeds – your homemade strain might make this list.







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